Pick Pack – Guitar Monkeys


Bring playfulness into your guitar playing with our unique Guitar Monkeys pick pack! This set of 5 picks is decorated with super cute images of monkeys rocking guitars. These picks combine cheerful and fun designs with excellent playability, making every session a party. Perfect for both guitarists and collectors who want to add a little humor and originality to their playing. Each pick has been carefully designed to capture the fun and vibrant details of the guitar-playing monkeys. Add this unique pick pack to your collection and play in style with a smile!

  • Set of 5 unique picks
  • Funny and lively images of monkeys with guitars
  • High quality for optimal playability
  • Ideal for collectors and music lovers
  • A cheerful gift for every guitarist

Play with the mischievous Guitar Monkeys and add a playful touch to your music!

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